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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  November 14, 2009 5:00am-6:00am EST

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on sunday. rudy giuliani. that is it for this "special report," fair, balanced, and unafraid. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute sean: questions about the four could shooting continued to be raised. chief among them, what exactly did the army intelligence and law-enforcement officials know and when? more evidence continues to be uncovered about major nidal malik hasan's connections with al qaeda associates and radical wed -- website. why wasn't this information enough to stop the massacre that occurred last thursday? is this a case of political correctness gone too far? here to respond is the author of "guilty." it is available in paperback starting on tuesday. i have the first copy. ann coulter.
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how are you? you talk in your column about this incident and how it happened, some of the reasons, and how the press bends over backwards to not say this is terrorism. >> right. we used to acclimate new immigrants to america to become americans. it is the victim culture. on 9/11, they became the number one victims. no one will act when he is going around saying infidels' need to be be headed. after, the suspect shoots 13 dead, and what do we have from the staff of the army? it would be bad if diversity is a casualty. that is crazy, but that is what the victim culture leads to. you cannot imagine them keeping someone who talks like this -- sean: the media in particular
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and our government bend over backwards. they knew about this guy and they knew about it for long time. it is not something they just discovered. what is the real reason why they are doing this? >> the same thing before 9/11, remember? some of the agents out in arizona called in and said, we are seeing arabs taking flight lessons. the office in washington shut that down. here, the doctor is sitting listening to the seminar on how the koran calls for be heading infidels and thought something was askew. there were lots of reports in. the army did nothing. this is the behavior you expect of a community college. this is the military behaving this way. this is how victim's -- liberal
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victim's create real victims. sean: we cannot say "war on terror" anymore. doesn't this start with the president, rush to judgment how the police acted stupidly in cambridge, but in this case, we have to stand back. we cannot rush to judgment, even though he had cards printed up that admit he is a radical. >> right. it is a disease that has infected society. the military is behaving this way even during the bush to administration. it does not help on the president's response to this by saying, don't jump to the obvious conclusion. sean: what is the answer? you have been under fire a lot of the years. you have been on this program. when you take on radical islam, you get attacked. >> yes. sean: the religion of peace infuriates people. you infuriate a lot of people.
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>> this is the special victim category now. the answer is, stop giving in to liberals and their culture of victimhood. sean: you are fearless. are the numbers of those that buy into radical jihad as -- jihadism, do you think that percentage is high? >> the point is, and this is how the culture creates real victims and it is creating victims of every muslim in the u.s. military. there are plenty of patriotic muslims fighting for america. we don't know who they are because you cannot count on the military to throw out somebody like hasan. this could be another hasan.
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if they took action against the crazy ones, we would not have that presumptions. for example, when you have laws that allow women, minorities, people from a foreign country to bring a lawsuit, and a small employer is going to think twice about employing someone you cannot fire without bringing yourself a lawsuit. you can just fire a male -- a white male of he is incompetent. this culture of victimhood creates real victims. you usually pay with taxes and with a lost job, but here they paid with their lives. sean: are there other hasans in the military? >> i assume there are when you have general casey worried about diversity, which is one of the craziest things i have ever heard. sean: paperback? >> it is out in paperback. sean: it comes out on monday,
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tuesday. >> no, it came out this week. sean: in bookstores. thanks for being with us. the president's position on a strategy for afghanistan might hinge on how he views the vietnam war. based on what we've learned, he might be taking away some very dangerous lessons. we have a hannity investigation next.
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sean: president obama and his senior and writers have been looking to history and america's involvement in the vietnam war to guide their decision about what sort of commitment to make in afghanistan. what lessons are they taking? we thought it was worth looking into. take a look at what we found out. >> the world cannot afford the price that would come to us if if -- if afghanistan slides into
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chaos. sean: general's four mcchrystal gave president obama a strategy for victory in afghanistan. >> i am announcing a comprehensive new strategy for afghanistan and pakistan. sean: three months later, that strategy has yet to be implemented. the president has made a show of hesitation and in decision. in a private, he and his advisers are looking to the vietnam war for guidance. they are looking to one book in particular. according to "the wall street journal," david axelrod and rahm emanuel tour through "lessons in disaster" and give it to the president. we read it, and it reaches surprising conclusions. the argument is made that jfk serve out his term, he would have kept the country out of vietnam. lbj was preoccupied with his domestic agenda and he wound up
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fighting the war halfheartedly. he let the military establishment take the reins. in the view of the opera, he accepted plans without intervening as he should have. the books and the unmistakable message that the war was a tragic mistake and american lives were needlessly sacrificed to a hopeless cause. applied to afghanistan, the implication is obvious. a drawdown or even a full-scale withdrawal of american troops. olstein's depiction of vietnam's seems to be weighing heavily on the administration today. >> they are worried about quagmire. they're worried about losing american faith in the fight. they simply are not sure if they have a strategy that is a winning strategy. the last time the united states really grappled with these issues was vietnam. sean: historic include president
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obama risks making the same mistakes but warned the president. it cautions obama for meddling in general mcchrystal's plan by sending fewer troops than his general has requested. >> if he does not trust his own coat on the battlefield, yet another coach? he just put general mcchrystal in there. sean: the greatest care of the book is ignoring the latter years of the war entirely. "newsweek" draws attention to that. those are the years that deserve our attention. >> the american historical memory of vietnam is twisted. it basically says it was not winnable, and therefore people were butting their heads against the wall. that is wrong.
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sean: that is why officials in the defense establishment are consulting "a better worker "that dr. argues that the general who replace general westmoreland and implemented a counterinsurgency strategy that won the war. it is this time that the book overlooks completely. >> if we're going to look at lessons of the vietnam war to see whether there is anything we can use from that experience, we have to really understand what happened in the vietnam war and apply the right lessons, the ones that are drawn from a true understanding of it. >> there are two entirely different views of how the war was fought and what happened. one is this book that is "lessons in disaster." fundamentally, the argument there is, you could never win
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it. it was beyond our control. the other book, "a better war," says we actually one in vietnam and gave it away by cutting or eight later. we control our own destiny. you have two entirely different ways of looking at vietnam and afghanistan. one way is to say it is hopeless and beyond us. the other ways to say, we can control this with the right strategy if we want to. those views are diametrically opposed. >> "the unexamined victories" of that latter period. writers have not written about it. sean: those victories came from the strategy implemented by general abrams, one that bears a striking resemblance to the ones proposed by general mcchrystal in march, a combination of combat operations, pacification, and building up south vietnam's's armed forces.
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the american help the south vietnamese government defeat the insurgency. the u.s. and the south vietnamese armed forces had secured the population from the viet cong and fortify the country. >> the south vietnamese government has never gotten the credit it deserves for becoming a viable government that was able to take the help america provided it and do something good with it. sean: dean west was there. >> 1970. you could drive the jeep practically anywhere in south vietnam's in the village areas. sean: the u.s. did not lose the war militarily, but because political leaders lost the will to win. that is a lesson that for this president is worth considering. >> the narrative is that general abrams actually won that war. after we had won it, we just gave it away by cutting the aid to south vietnam and making a self-fulfilling prophecy. sean: the experts agreed on one
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thing. the war in afghanistan is winnable if the president is willing to back it. >> the taliban are not invincible. they do not have invincible partners. this is winnable. >> i believe after 20 trips to iraq and afghanistan, if the united states of america wants to win the war in afghanistan, it can. it just has to have the resolve to do it. president obama now has spent a couple of months openly questioned brigitte questioning his own militants. that is just about unprecedented for president to do. he is sending the signal. he really does not want to be wartime president who wins the war. that is deadly. sean: let not your heart be troubled. are great, great american panel.
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sean: tonight, he is the deputy editor of "the wall street journal" editorial page, dan henninger. deneen borelli is here. he was a former pollster for jimmy carter and an adviser to george mcgovern. pat caddell is not liberal enough for the democratic party anymore. >> i feel like i have lost touch here. sean: i love hypocrisy in hollywood. hollywood liberals make all of those movies. the latest example of this -- they trash capitalism. jim carrey. he says, i was thinking about
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how the story ties into everything we are going through -- sean: he can give back. he makes how many millions per movie? i suggest that he take a spike, $50,000 per movie. fair enough? >> i love the idea of a creature of hollywood preaching to us about ambition and greed. those are the two things that built hollywood. guys like jim carrey pine for the days of clean socialism. this will be an uphill battle for him. china and india, the two big socialist nations, have set loose about 2 billion people on a capitalist crusade. it will be a hard sell. sean: capitalism is the fairest
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system i can think of. >> real capitalism as. this week when i found out the h1n1 vaccine went to goldman sachs and to citibank before it went to doctors and children, i would see the bonuses -- it is the only thing i have seen the unites the far left and far right together. there is something. i want to tell you something. without regulation, you of problems. it took john kennedy eight years and two months when he announced we would go to the moon. that is how long it has been this week. that is how long it is from 9/11. >> he has a lot of nerve. freedom of speech. i am all for it. think about where he came from. he is from toronto. he dropped out of high school.
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he watched -- he worked in his family's factory. he had plenty of opportunities to come here. he is making the best of his talents and making a success of his life. sean: there is great resentment for people that are successful. it is a growing sense of entitlement. these are ill-gotten gains. >> you do not think some of these gains are ill-got in? >> maybe the people you are hanging out with. >> look. people believe in capitalism. when you have the government -- i am not a socialist. sean: your current president is a socialist. >> that is what you call him. sean: i do not know anyone who grew up with a silver spoon in
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their mouth. i cannot think of anybody. >> that is not greed. greed is the profit system that is incentivizing people to make money. virtually every american think someday he will be able to grab a silver spoon. you are talking about gluttony. it was bankers and investment types. they were unable by the congress. -- they were enabled by the congress. sean: my grandparents came here without money in the hopes they could have opportunity and freedom. my father grew up poor. he fought in world war ii. he worked really hard. it was a big deal when he got out of brooklyn and got a home in long island. >> this is a message for all americans. put forth some effort and you can be a success. getting back to jim carrey, he came from canada.
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sean: have americans been mentally conditioned to make them think the government will give them everything in life? >> yes. people think they are victims. a message is going around in the black community that you are owed something and you are deserving and you do not have to work hard. that is a bad precedent to set. >> i think most americans believe right now -- most people want to believe in the idea that if you work hard, you succeed. many think it does not work. i do not know if there are people who think the government will take care of them. the president is in trouble on health care. they believe that this game is rigged. >> this presidency is presenting an option to the american people, which is, do we want to become more like germany or france? maybe not quite socialist, but the controlled market economy would slow growth, or do we want to compete with india and china?
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i think the average american wants to be in the game to compete. >> there raming everything down our throats. sean: independents are moving away from democrats. >> that is why we are in trouble. they're in deep trouble. you will lose all of these congressman nobody thinks about. sean: for the next year, you are muzzled. i do not want the democratic party to listen to you. we will take a break. more with our american panel.
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the world could use a little more space by moving 35,000 truckloads of freight each day csx trains give you more room on the highways
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because the world could use a little more space csx. how tomorrow moves. sean: we continue with our great american panel. we have this idea we can change the standard in terms of job creation. since barack obama has been elected, we have lost 4 million jobs. they keep saying, we have created a million jobs are saved a million jobs. the standard has changed. we have not created anything. when i grew up, that was called, let's see, lying. >> really? sean: has the administration -- >> not in the washington. it is intelligent misleading. sean: you will hate me after the show. are they lying to the american people?
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>> they are inventing math i do not understand. this notion that you saved jobs -- what are you doing? these people have been -- the problem is that they will get ridiculed on this. 10.2% unemployment. sean: it is even higher, actually. >> it is almost 20% in some places. >> will we ever hear the actual results? but the stimulus, the administration's argument was, it will be 8% are below. sean: it will not go above 8% if they pass the stimulus. >> we're looking at over 10%. it is going higher. >> the stimulus. if you spend $787 billion, which i think the average american person went, holy god, what are they doing, you have to account
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for some how. this is what they're doing. if you look at the stories that some of the -- the associated press has been looking into it. it looks more like a slush fund for the public sector. sean: this is important. finish that thought. >> most of this money is going to prop up state budgets to bailout states and cities to pay for local community action groups. they're the ones who are -- sean: how is the media getting away with it? why with the media go along with what is obviously a falsehood? why would they go along with that? >> look at how fox is getting all the facts out on both sides of the issue. i think some media outlets might be afraid of backlash. sean: you can be as radical as you want. >> did not -- did i not come onto the show and say the
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president was making a mistake? do retargeted stimulus. create jobs. did i not say that here? they went and did the opposite. don't look at me. sean: health care is now -- barack obama has put out -- put all of his political capital in this basket. will we get some version of health care? what will it look like? >> i do not know we get it this year. they loaded up everything on getting it through. mitch mcconnell is going to throw every procedural trick in the book at this bill to make sure it goes past the new year and they do not get a victory. sean: joe lieberman said he would join the republicans. >> and ben nelson says it is dead on arrival. >> what i don't understand is for the administration, everyone is saying, do something about
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the economy. do something about the deficit. the problem is, this is a political calculus. this is like lemmings going over the deep end. i'm amazed. i do not think it will pass. sean: what is going on with the democratic party? they cannot get their act together on abortion provision. there's a deep divide. there's a deep divide over the plan for the government option. >> they want to be reelected. they are really pigeonholed. coming up with the breakneck month with the holidays, there's not a lot of time. the clock is ticking. >> i think what is going on here, democrats are going to get nervous day by day. they will figure out that the left wing is going to pass this thing even if they have to blow up the democratic party to do it. sean: do you agree with that? >> yes. you have people there who do not care what the consequences are. they want to get this done. here's the problem.
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the white house says, they send bill clinton on say, mention 1994. we did not pass anything and that is why they got killed. they pass this and will get killed. sean: nancy pelosi will not be speaker. she is risking walking the plank for the bill. >> they are risking the house in ways you cannot imagine. sean: republicans can pick of delaware, connecticut, nev., missouri, all of these states. illinois. >> and about it. how many thousands of people who are at washington in the middle of the week last week protesting the health care bill and over the weekend? they are not listening to their constituents. >> do it in pieces. why are you doing all of this? >> they are going to cram and down the matter what anybody thinks. they are going to get a bill. sean: maybe next year, though. >> early next year. sean: thank you for being here. coming up, the official chuck
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norris fact book from the man himself and his wife. it is your time to believe again. joel osteen is here. ale nt thaveayci y t od tha nty wa branme
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sean: joel osteen is one of the most recognizable pastors in the country. millions of americans tune in to his sermons. his new book is being called as most inspiring piece of writing it. the book is called "it is your time," and includes inspirational stories on how you can overcome challenges in every aspect of your life. we're joined by joel osteen. i have known you for some time. you avoid controversy. people still attacking. do you think it is because you
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are christian and christians are under under -- are often under attack? >> it could be that. i think sometimes our positive -- your message is positive and hopeful. i'm telling people god wants them to be blessed and have a good life. a part of society thinks that god wants you to be suffering. i think there's some price, but i don't know exactly what it is. the main part that comes out of preaching god's good. sean: i do not know. this book is about inspiration and get into difficult times. i do not know anybody that has not had difficult times in their lives. is it universal? it is supposed to be that way. >> that appear descriptor talks about how you will have difficulties, but be of good cheer. sean: let not your heart be troubled. >> that is the thing. we are not talking about we will never have difficulties. you have to fight the good fight. you can keep the right attitude and know that god has you in the
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palm of his hand. sean: what has been the toughest moment for you that you're willing to share? >> my mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer and 1981, six weeks to live. i never saw my mother sick a day in her life. when we got the news, which were devastated. it was a fight. my mother came through it. got supernaturally fielder. -- healed her. my dad died in 1999. i traveled with him. i thought it would be the worst thing that ever happened to me. it is launched me into what i'm doing today. i was working behind the scenes until then. sean: i think the thing is that a lot of people do get discouraged. a lot of people do get down. one of the things that concerns me is how over-medicated we are as a society. how many people you know take into a depression -- i am not against these things, but i think it is over-prescribed. >> we take more tranquilizers'
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than any other country in the world. i think it is, you know, it is easy to get discouraged if you let yourself. i think that is why it is so important, every day, to get up and find something you can be grateful for. you have to have a positive vision for your life. sean: i think i have had a very blessed life. i find myself wining and complaining. i need to slap myself. you need to kick yourself in the face. snap out of it. >> we keep it in the right perspective, you're right. i just got back from africa. everybody in our country is so blessed to be living here. i believe it. it happens to all of us. you get up in the morning anything, i do not feel like doing this. i have these challenges. if i can come back, i find a way to be grateful. if you can get us out of yourself and do something good for somebody else, it gets your mind up to problems. sean: that is one of the best things about kids.
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kids are designed so you cannot be that selfish. it does not matter. they will take your attention, your time, your energy. >> i love the fact that kids -- they are laughing through the day. there might be crying here or there, but they can back. there's laughter and joy. that is what we lose as adults. that is not to say people should be laughing every minute of the day, but we lose the joy and the gift that god gave us of today to enjoy it. sean: a lot of people say that they want you to be more political. you have steadfastly stayed out of the political ring. i do not know where you stand politically. is that a conscious decision that you do not want to get involved in the political battles? >> it really is. it started back with my father many years ago. he founded the church. i think it comes from -- everybody has different collins. yours is so strong. -to throw a -- sean: it is strong.
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asking a liberal. >> -to throw a wide net across all different lines, to as many people as i can. i do not really want a group turning me off just because they do not agree. sean: do you have strong political views and to keep them to yourself? >> i do. my dad grew up in the depression. i was raised conservative. i do. i just don't feel that is my crusade. sean: you want to bring as many people to jesus and got as possible. that is your mission. that is where you plan important role. what about societal issues like gay marriage or controversial issues? do you take on those issues from the pulpit? >> i would take on them in an interview-typesetting. i have always said i do not think the marriages god's best. sean: you are pro-life. >> absolutely. that is not my main focus, but i stand for that.
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sean: what you think is the single best thing -- somebody who tunes in to your show or sees you tonight, and they are really in trouble -- i see people and it saddens me. they are at low moments in their life. how you say it is going to get better? >> i say this. if you stay negative and bitter and discouraged, that is just going to make it get worse. if you can just pull yourself up by the bootstraps and say, you know what? i believe i am a person of purpose, that i am here, designed by god, and he has something for me to do, to get your faith and vision back, that is what allows got to do great things -- allows god to do great things. sean: once i found my purpose, taking on liberals, i have not been happier. i am joking. >> i was thinking, how can they be happy in botswana, but that
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is their purpose. that is what they're called to do. sean: nice to see. coming up, chuck norris is here with the true facts about himself, including whether he plans on running for office. he will sit down with me.
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sean: he has starred in over 20 movies and is perhaps best known for the eight seasons he spent playing "walker, texas ranger." chuck norris is out with a new book. it is 101 of his favorite facts
5:53 am
and stories. he discusses the value that has -- the value of his life. he is here with his heregena -- here with his wife gena. if somebody comes into your house, which one is it -- >> the nra thing? i said a burglar came into my house, i could kick in the hand, but i would prefer he looked down the barrel of my gun. sean: there's a new song, if you have a bible and a gun, you feel pretty safe in public. you do a terrific column. you write on a regular basis. you follow politics closely. you are not happy with the direction of the country. >> heck, no. i feel i'm in a nightmare and i cannot break up. i really wish i knew what to do.
5:54 am
the thing is, i have solutions, but -- sean: why don't you run? there is a solution. chuck norris could be governor of texas won the. >> you know what? i would be sitting here with my opponent and debating, and he would start attacking my character, and i would jump over there and choked him unconscious. sean: you have more control than that. >> i don't. i have a thin skin. it was tough in the film world. in the political world, i would be -- sean: if he just came to you and said, honey, i think i will run for u.s. senate, would you want him to do it? >> i would support whatever decision he makes. i think we can get more done where we are now, but to demand that decision, i would certainly support him. >> you cannot get anything done in the senate. sean: i disagree with you. you can. >> i would have to choke all of
5:55 am
the democrats. sean: that is a good start. >> that is why a saying. america is not a democracy, it is a chucktatership. i would line up every member of congress and i would have ron paul, why believe is one of the more honest ones, and say, point out the honest ones. sean: i like him. he is nuts. >> i would choke every dishonest politician up there. sean: are you of the philosophy -- you do not think there is difference between the two parties. >> i am very disappointed because we had the republican majority in congress and they blow it. we had george w. bush and they could've made a strong, positive difference in our country. they did it. sean: i think republicans lost their way. now, i see very bold differences on the omnibus spending bill, on the stimulus
5:56 am
bill, on health care, uncap and tax. >> their waking up. it seems they're waking up and being accountable, which was the problem before. we could not differentiate anybody. >> they were not trying to change our country from what it was. the party now is trying to. sean: ron paul is a libertarian. reagan said, and i consider myself a reagan conservative, reagan said in 1975, is it a third party we need or revitalized second party? we need to go back to our conservative roots and take back the republican party. >> go back to basics. >sean: a strong national defense. >> the need to go back to basics and the things that made them who they were to begin with.
5:57 am
sean: they lost it. they got wrapped up in the washington culture. >> that is what happens. they get sucked in. it is like being in hollywood. your religious person and you fall into the trap of fame and fortune. you drift away from your faith. >> we are really disheartened that this new administration is not listening to the american people, the voice of the american people. their stifling their voice and it is not fair. sean: they declared war against anybody who disagrees with them. >> we disagree. sean: you have been very bold. you came out. you campaigned for mike huckabee. he got mad at me. >> we disagree respectfully. sean: i have always loved him. i felt that the conservatives were splitting their vote and we were going to get a more moderate candidate. i liked john mccain, but i thought he was too moderate. >> i do not think anyone could
5:58 am
have beat barack obama, no matter if it was mike or anyone. no one could have because he was on a roll and he had a system. he had the system going. it was the most controlled system i have ever seen in my life. sean: i don't want to forget your book. you have fun things in here. this is a fun book. >> writing these articles every week, writing about patriotism, you know, like you say, build it up like that. i thought, i have to lighten up. i would be shaking hands with troops in iraq and would be telling me these chuck norris facts. they would say, what is your favorite one? i would come up with some. i thought, i will write my 101 best facts. my son says, chuck norris eats bullet for breakfast. >> all the proceeds go to
5:59 am
kickstart. sean: it is your charity. i have been around you through a lot. you break the mold. i have never met a couple closer. you guys are really close. you do everything together. >> we are best friends. >> she is my researcher. sean: i think you married way out of your league. >> i did, believe me. the thing is, what is great -- sean: i am going to get punched on that. >> the fact is she has been incredible in my life. she has helped me focus what is important in my life. before, it was me, me, me. she helped me focus. it is about people and us and all of that. >> we make a good team. sean: you do. >> thank you. >> it is a good book. keep speaking out. it is your voice. it is your voice.


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